Squeaky Clean Professional Cleaning Service

What do I provide for you?

I am a Professionally Trained Speed Cleaner.  This guarantees that I completely clean everything you want cleaned in a proficient, efficient, and speedy manner.

I provide a beautifully professionally cleaned space for you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy!

What do you need to do?

All you have to do is have everything picked up and put away so I can come in and Squeaky Speed Clean.

If you need me to do organizing and picking up there is an additional Charge of $10.00 an hour.

What do you need to provide?

You just need to provide the space that needs Squeaky Cleaned.  I provide all the cleaning agents and tools to get the job done.

I can use non-toxic products if you so desire.  Additional fees may apply.


I do Interior Painting and can prepare the surface that needs painted.    Prices start at $2.00 Per Square Foot.

What Else Do I Clean?

I do “trash outs” for homes that are being put on the market for sale.  I will completely empty the contents and Squeaky Clean what is left.  

Free Estimates.

Pet Care

I clean stalls and barns.

I can take care of your horses while you’re vacationing or away.

Prices vary with what you would need done with rates starting at $35.00 per day.  

I also can take care of your cats while you’re away.  Rates start at $35.00 per day for morning and evening feedings and cleanings.

Squeaky Clean Cleaning Service Rates

Free Estimate will determine about how long it will take me to Squeaky Clean.

The first cleaning is usually 2-3 times longer because it will be a “spring“ cleaning.

$25.00 an hour Cash Price

Add $5.00 if paying by Check 

Add $10.00 if paying by Credit Card

An additional charge of $10.00 may be added if I have to use extra supplies.

Walls and Windows are $35.00 an hour Cash Price

Add $5.00 if paying by Check 

Add $10.00 if paying by Credit Card

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