Fit For Life Personal Fitness Training

Goal Achievement with a Personalized Work Out

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, I will help you define your health and fitness goals. I will look at you as an individual and assess your current fitness level.  We’ll discuss what you want to achieve through your workouts and I will design a program specifically for you.  I will enable you to break down your goals into bite-size manageable pieces that are attainable for you.  I will also keep constant tabs on your progress and make adjustments as needed as you work toward your fitness goals.

Motivation, and Accountability

Most of the time it is hard to stay motivated to work out by yourself.   With regular sessions with me, I will provide motivation and encouragement to continue with your workout regimen.  It also helps  knowing that you'll meet with me soon and you’ll get the satisfaction of showing me the improvement you've made as your exercise program progresses.

When you exercise on your own, it is sometimes hard to stay committed to your plan.  I will help you stay accountable to yourself making it easier for you to stick with your program.

Variety and Efficiency

So you don’t get bored with your training, I will teach you a variety of exercises using a variety of props.  If we discover a specific exercise doesn’t work for you, I will change it to one that suits you better while providing the same benefits. I will also make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure your continued progress.

I will enable you to make the most of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise program.  We’ll work smarter, not harder; though you will be working hard!

Proper Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Personalized Instruction and Reduced Risk of Injury

The most common goal of people who work out is losing fat and gaining muscle tone.  I will help you find and maintain the right balance between these two using exercises you enjoy.

I will teach you the proper way to perform each exercise in your work-out.  I will demonstrate the movement and often times perform it with you.  I will watch you perform it so I can correct any issues with your posture or technique.  Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury.  You will also be encouraged to do the exercises on your own at home or at the gym.

Personal Fitness Training Rates

Up to 4 people per 1/2 hour or 1 hour session

3 X Week for 1 Month = $156.00

2 X Week for 1 Month = $108.00

Up to 4 friends for the price of 1!!!

Everything’s better with friends!!!!

Establishing Lifetime Habits and Overcoming Plateau’s

I will help you find ways to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life.  I will show you ways to overcome obstacles that might prevent you from achieving your goals.

I will constantly be adapting your work out to avoid hitting a plateau. If you do hit one, I will help you push past it in a variety of ways.